Insomnia and Sleep Disorders  



     According to a recent study by one of the world’s leading cannabinoid research and
manufacturing firms, Steep Hill Labs, CBN appears to have the most pronounced sedative
effect when compared to all other cannabinoids. For instance, consuming 5mg of CBN could have a level of sedation on your which promotes a relaxed bodily sensation and other effects. Unlike pharmaceutical competitors, CBN remedies lack harmful side effects.


     Current treatments for anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, and addiction have proven detrimental to
the long-term health of those suffering from these conditions. Furthermore, the tendency to
“overuse” medications that provide relief from prevalent ailments, such as opioids for pain and
benzodiazepines for anxiety, has become a nationwide epidemic. Research has shown that
specific cannabinoid compounds (such as CBN), when isolated and formulated into independent
water-soluble components, may provide better results without the risk of addiction or narcotic
side effects.


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