Individuals suffering from chronic anxiety experience many of the same symptoms as those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. And as with PTSD, physicians prescribe anti-depressants to people who have considerable or clinical anxiety. Traditionally speaking, they push Big Pharma’s drugs.
     As consumers are discovering that most prescription medications are not as effective as anticipated, while carrying numerous undesirable side effects, Cannabinol compounds are being recommended by physicians at an increasing rate for those who are using it to treat their anxiety.  It is becoming more evident that the CBN is the dominant compound of the many cannabinoids when considering calming effects for individuals and their ailments, including hyperactive children, the many types of PTSD, anxiety, and many others. The sooner people realize the many benefits of CBN and other Cannabinoids, the sooner we can cost-effectively and naturally treat the imbalances and symptoms of so many illnesses and disorders that are stifling our nation and the world.

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