You have no doubt heard of the opioid epidemic; it is one of the biggest issues that this nation faces. The opioid epidemic, or opioid crisis, specifically refers to the increasing number of deaths and hospitalizations due to opioids, prescriptions, illicit drugs, and analogs. Since 2014, The USA has averaged 115 deaths per day due to opioid
mistreatment. Approximately 80% of those addicted to heroin began by abusing opioids. The sum of the damage that this epidemic inflicts on our economy is $78,500,000,000
per year. 

     Although there are currently no studies to support CBN’s efficacy when it comes to
aiding individuals seeking to rid themselves of opioid dependency, our company and
affiliates believe that it is a great candidate for replacing drugs, such as methadone.
This is largely due to CBN’s ability to sedate and relieve anxiety while carrying minimal
side effects. CBN may have the ability to ease cravings and allow an individual to wean
off addictive harmful substances.

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